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Silat oh Silat where are you?

At age 54 I discovered a deadly art(and it truly is a complete art with breathing,meditation and energy work included) called Silat that in a quick nutshell  is an art with the strategy to end all fights on contact. The problem IMHO for me is it relies too much on leg conditioning and  over reliance on Jurus(forms) yet when doing fighting drills it is the most flowing art I have ever seen. I love it. Yet now at 55, I haven’t been to that class in almost a year. One reason is I am always running behind myself it seems. This is what one gets when you decide to go to bed at 5am rather than rising at 5am.

SOLUTION: I am going to try rising at 5am, which I am sure is about the time most of the ancient masters in China, Japan and elsewhere arose. Can you imagine O’sensei, Mas Oyama or Wang Chiang Zhai and  Willem’Uncle Bill’   De Thaurus waking at 9 or 10am? They would probably be so ashamed they would think they were severely ill!  Maybe that is the biggest secret of success in the arts. Being a very “early riser.” Do we know of many or even any really great martial artists that are nocturnal and sleep till noon every day?  Opinions……….?


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2 thoughts on “Silat oh Silat where are you?

  1. frank on said:

    I agree im 51, I sleep in beacause I work at three. Im also just learning silat. If you can get up early u will be better

  2. To answer my own question, I think there are two answers. One is-Everyone must respect their own body clock and NOT be like the masters of old who thought if you slept past 6:30am you were just lazy. We now know so much more about human sleep cycles than we did 500 or even 50 yrs. ago. So respecting your body is key. Also, I think if it is possible to get together to train every single day like a brotherhood with even just 3 or 4 people who will commit their lives to training together, your progress will exponentially grow and multiply very quickly compared to training by yourself. I think that picture of the old 88 year old master training 12 hours a day on a mountain top and is perfectly content is the biggest myth in martial arts. Nothing in this world is more satisfying than when done with like minded others.Silat, Karate, Judo,MMA,Aikido, or whatever you choose to train, will always yield a better result if you can find a “family” to train with than training alone every day. Im in a great Silat class right now but I sense everyone there are “loners” and I am much more of a social creature. I think sometimes that Martial Arts are as much about the social brotherhood part of it, as the training itself. After all, how many hundreds of hours will you train with your classmates? And how many seconds will you fight with a stranger? As an aside I see teachers who have been training in Silat for a few years now sliding it into the training of their class. They take what works and leave the rest.

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